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Optically Triggered Fire Set/Detonator System
Jay B. Chase, Philip A. Pincosy, Donna M. Chato, Hugh Kirbie,
Glen F. James
U.S. Patent 7,191,706 B2
March 20, 2007
This system has multiple capacitor discharge units (CDUs) that include electrical-bridge-type detonators coupled to explosives. A pulse-charging circuit provides a voltage for each capacitor in a CDU. The capacitors are discharged through the electrical-bridge-type detonators when they receive an optical signal to detonate the coupled explosives at the same time.

Apparatus for Stopping a Vehicle
Willard H. Wattenburg, David B. McCallen
U.S. Patent 7,191,862 B2
March 20, 2007
This apparatus externally controls brakes on a vehicle that has a pressurized fluid braking system. It can include a pressurized vessel that is adapted for fluid-tight coupling to the braking system. Fluid pressures in the braking system can be modified to stop the vehicle and render it temporarily inoperable by impacting the rear of the vehicle with a pursuit vehicle, shooting a target mounted on the vehicle, or sending a signal from a remote control. A control device placed in the driver’s compartment of a vehicle can also render the vehicle inoperable and cannot be disabled by a driver or hijacker.

High Precision, Rapid Laser Hole Drilling
Jim J. Chang, Herbert W. Friedman, Brian J. Comaskey
U.S. Patent 7,193,175 B1
March 20, 2007
This laser system produces a first laser beam that rapidly removes the bulk of material in an area, forming a ragged hole. The laser system produces a second laser beam that accurately cleans up the ragged hole so that the final hole has highly precise dimensions.

Multi-Pulse Multi-Delay (MPMD) Multiple Access Modulation for UWB
Farid U. Dowla, Faranak Nekoogar
U.S. Patent 7,194,019 B2
March 20, 2007
This new modulation technique uses multiple orthogonal transmitted-reference pulses for channeling ultrawideband (UWB) communications. The proposed UWB receiver samples the second-order statistical function at both zero and nonzero lags and matches the samples to stored second-order statistical functions. It thus samples and matches the shape of second-order statistical functions rather than only the shape of the received pulses.

Wavelength-Conserving Grating Router for Intermediate Wavelength Density
Robert J. Deri, Rajesh R. Patel, Steven W. Bond, Corey V. Bennett
U.S. Patent 7,194,161 B1
March 20, 2007
A wavelength router used as a fiber-optic networking router is based on a diffraction grating that uses only N wavelengths to interconnect N inputs to N outputs. The basic approach augments the grating with additional couplers or wavelength-selective elements so that N – 1 of the 2N – 1 outputs are combined with other N outputs (leaving only N outputs). One design uses directional couplers as combiners. Another uses wavelength-selective couplers. In a third setup, a pair of diffraction gratings maintains parallel propagation of all optical beams. Beams can be combined using retroflection back through the grating pair or using couplers.

Adaptive Ophthalmologic System
Scot S. Olivier, Charles A. Thompson, Brian J. Bauman, Steve M. Jones, Don T. Gavel, Abdul A. S. Awwal, Stephen K. Eisenbies, Steven J. Haney
U.S. Patent 7,195,354 B2
March 27, 2007
This system for improving vision can diagnose monochromatic aberrations in a subject’s eyes and apply the wavefront correction so the patient can view the correction results. The system uses a laser to produce a beam of light. It also has a corrector, a wavefront sensor, and a testing unit. An optic device directs the light beam to the corrector and then to the retina, the wavefront sensor, and the testing unit. A computer connects the wavefront sensor to the corrector.


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