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Livermore physicist Hope Ishii received the 2007 Outstanding Woman in Science from the Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame for her work as part of the Laboratory’s Stardust team. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched the Stardust mission in February 1999. The spacecraft captured particulate materials from the comet Wild 2 on January 2, 2004. Returned to Earth in 2006, these samples offer a glimpse of the building materials available around the time the planets formed.

Jennifer Giocondi, a postdoctoral researcher in the Glenn T. Seaborg Institute of the Chemistry, Materials, and Life Sciences Directorate, received the Best Poster Award at the Materials Research Society Spring Meeting. In her presentation, Giocondi quantified how magnesium impurities affect the growth of the rare mineral brushite and pinpointed the mechanisms in which magnesium influences the kinetics of mineralization.

The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) has selected Laboratory scientist Scot Olivier as a Fellow for his achievements in adaptive optics. Olivier leads the Adaptive Optics Group in Livermore’s Physics and Advanced Technologies Directorate and has made significant contributions in applying adaptive optics to astronomy, human vision science, high-power lasers, and remote sensing. He also serves as the chair of the SPIE Adaptive Optics Technical Group and as an associate director of the Center for Adaptive Optics at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

In a ceremony at the Pentagon, Livermore’s Hriar Cabayan received the highest civilian award given by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The award honored Cabayan for his decade of service to the nation. Cabayan works in the Laboratory’s National Security Office, supporting the Defense Secretary’s Director of Defense Research and Engineering. He also manages an effort to provide long-term planning support to Combatant Commands for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the U.S. Strategic Command.

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