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July/August 2002

The Laboratory
in the News

Commentary by
C. K. Chou

The Outlook Is for Warming, with Measurable Local Effects

How Metals Fail

Converting Data to Decisions

Knowing the Enemy, Knowing the Threat





The Technical Information Department has received two international awards and numerous regional awards from the 2001 Society for Technical Communication (STC) competitions. Among the most noteworthy of the awards is the Best of Show in Art, won in the New Mexico Kachina Chapter competition by Lawrence Livermore’s 2000 Annual Report, designed by George Kitrinos. The publication also won a Distinguished Technical Communication Award. It was edited and produced by Paul Chrzanowski and Sue Stull.

Another award of note was won by the Science & Technology Review staff, who likewise received a Distinguished Technical Communication Award from the Kachina chapter. This magazine went on to win an Excellence Award in the international competition, which, in judging only the top winners from the regional competitions, pitted the best against the best. The magazine is sponsored by the Director’s Office under the direction of Tom Isaacs. Its scientific editor for the year of award was Andrew A. Quong.

The other winner in the international competition was the Laser Science and Technology Program Update, which won a Merit Award in the newsletter category. It was produced by Cyndi Brandt, Hao-Lin Chen, and Al Miguel.


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