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System and Method for Characterizing, Synthesizing, and/or Canceling Out Acoustic Signals from Inanimate Sound Sources
John F. Holzrichter, Greg C. Burnett, Lawrence C. Ng
U.S. Patent 7,283,948 B2
October 16, 2007
This system and method for characterizing, synthesizing, or canceling out acoustic signals from inanimate sound sources consists of propagating wave electromagnetic sensors that monitor excitation sources in sound-producing systems such as machines or musical instruments. Acoustic output is also monitored. A transfer function characterizing the sound-producing system is generated from such information. The transfer function allows acoustic output to be synthesized or calculated. The method enables accurate calculations of matched transfer functions relating to specific acoustic outputs. Knowledge of these signals and functions can be used in sound replication, sound-source identification, and sound cancellation.

Real-Time Method and Computer System for Identifying Radioactive Materials from HPGe Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
Mark S. Rowland, Douglas E. Howard, James L. Wong, James L. Jessup, Greg M. Bianchini, Wayne O. Miller
U.S. Patent 7,285,784 B2
October 23, 2007
This real-time method and computer system identifies radioactive materials by collecting gamma count rates from a high-purity germanium (HPGe) gamma-radiation detector and referencing them against a library of nuclear-material definitions. Each definition is associated with a nuclide or isotope material and has at least one logic condition associated with a spectral parameter of a gamma-ray energy spectrum. The method determines whether the spectral parameters satisfy all logic conditions for any one of the library definitions, and subsequently uniquely identifies the material, if it is a nuclide or isotope material associated with a library definition. The spectrum and identification are updated in real time.

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