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January/February 2007


The Laboratory in the News

Another Step for High-Energy-Density Science and Teller’s Legacy
Commentary by George H. Miller

Titan Leads the Way in Laser–Matter Science
Livermore’s Titan laser combines long- and short-pulse lasers to explore high-energy-density science.

Identifying the Source of Stolen Nuclear Materials
Nuclear forensic scientists are using advanced techniques to discover the exact nature of interdicted radiological and nuclear materials, their age and origin, and where legitimate control was lost.

Tiny Tubes Make the Flow Go
Membranes made up of billions of tiny carbon tubes 50,000 times slimmer than a human hair allow liquids and gases to flow through at astonishingly fast speeds.

Acidic Microbe Community Fosters the Unique
In an abandoned mine, where the pH can be even lower than zero, communities of acidophilic microbes produce hundreds of unusual proteins.

Patents and Awards

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