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Real-Time Detection Method and System for Identifying Individual Aerosol Particles
Eric Evan Gard, David Philip Fergenson
U.S. Patent 6,959,248 B2
October 25, 2005
A method and system of identifying individual aerosol particles in real time. Sample aerosol particles are compared against and identified with substantially matching known particle types by producing positive and negative test spectra of an individual aerosol particle using a bipolar single-particle mass spectrometer. Each test spectrum is compared to spectra of the same respective polarity in a database of predetermined positive and negative spectra for known particle types. A set of substantially matching spectra is obtained. Finally, the identity of the individual aerosol particle is determined from a set of substantially matching spectra by determining a best-matching one of the known particles types having both a substantially matching positive spectrum and a substantially matching negative spectrum associated with the best-matching known particle type.

Chemical Microreactor and Method Thereof
Jeffrey D. Morse, Alan Jankowski
U.S. Patent 6,960,235 B2
November 1, 2005
A chemical microreactor suitable for the generation of hydrogen fuel from liquid sources, such as ammonia, methanol, and butane, through steam-reforming processes when mixed with an appropriate amount of water contains capillary microchannels with integrated resistive heaters to facilitate the occurrence of catalytic steam-reforming reactions. One such microreactor employs a packed catalyst capillary microchannel and at least one porous membrane. Another employs a porous membrane with a large surface area or a porous membrane support structure containing a plurality of porous membranes having a large surface area in the aggregate, that is, greater than about 1 square meter per cubic centimeter. The packed catalyst capillary microchannels, porous membranes, and porous membrane support structures may be formed by a variety of methods.

Bonded Polyimide Fuel Cell Package and Method Thereof
Jeffrey D. Morse, Alan Jankowski, Robert T. Graff, Kerry Bettencourt
U.S. Patent 6,960,403 B2
November 1, 2005
Described herein are processes for fabricating microfluidic fuel-cell systems with embedded components in which microscale features are formed by bonding layers of DuPont Kapton™ polyimide laminate. A microfluidic fuel-cell system fabricated using this process is also described.


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