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January/February 2005

The Laboratory in the News

A Passion for Computation Benefits Every Discipline
Commentary by Dona Crawford

Experiment and Theory Have a New Partner: Simulation
From researching how urban emissions affect regional air quality to uncovering a new melt curve of hydrogen at extreme pressures, supercomputer simulations are the source of new insights into science.

Russian Weapons Workers Begin New Commercial Ventures
Livermore researchers participate in two National Nuclear Security Administration programs aimed at developing self-sustaining, nonweapons work for weapons scientists, engineers, and technicians in the former Soviet Union.

Terascale Simulation Facility: Built for Flexibility
Livermore’s Terascale Simulation Facility will house almost half a petawatt of computing power with the flexibility to accommodate future computer systems.

Mining Geothermal Resources
A Livermore-developed technology opens the door for geothermal power plants to “mine” valuable minerals from geothermal brines.

Patents and Awards

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