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The Laboratory in the News

From Quarks to Livermore to the Cosmos
Commentary by William H. Goldstein

Small Particle May Answer Large Physics Questions
A Livermore-designed experiment to detect the axion—a hypothetical elementary particle believed to constitute dark matter—is poised to answer key questions in the realms of particle physics and astrophysics.

A First Look at Plutonium’s Phonons
Scientists use a high-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering method with a bright synchrotron x-ray microbeam to reveal the first full phonon dispersion curves for plutonium.

A Walk on the Wild Side
The Laboratory is home to many rare and endangered species and an active plant- and wildlife-monitoring program.

Smart Buoys Help Protect Submarine Base
Thanks to a Livermore design, buoys outfitted with commercially available radiation detectors could soon play an important role in homeland security.

Patents and Awards

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