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Method and System of Integrating Information from Multiple Sources
Francine A. Alford, David L. Brinkerhoff
U.S. Patent 7,092,948 B1
August 15, 2006
This method integrates information from multiple sources in a document-centric application system. Many applications are connected through an object request broker to a central repository, which then posts information to a Web page. An example implementation of this method is an online procurement system.

Inductrack Configuration
Richard Freeman Post
U.S. Patent 7,096,794 B2
August 29, 2006
A simple permanent-magnet-excited geometry for a magnetically levitated (maglev) train provides levitation forces and is stable against vertical displacements from equilibrium, but it is unstable against horizontal displacements. An Inductrack system used in conjunction with this geometry stabilizes the vehicle from horizontal displacements. It also provides centering forces to overcome centrifugal forces when the vehicle is traversing curved sections of a track or when another transient horizontal force is present. In some proposed embodiments, the Inductrack track elements are also used as the stator of a linear induction-motor drive and braking system.

Thin Film Transistors on Plastic Substrates with Reflective Coatings for Radiation Protection
Jesse D. Wolfe, Steven D. Theiss, Paul G. Carey, Patrick M. Smith,
Paul Wickboldt
U.S. Patent 7,112,846 B2
September 26, 2006
Silicon thin-film transistors (TFTs) are fabricated on low-temperature plastic substrates using a reflective coating so that these inexpensive substrates may be used in place of standard glass, quartz, and silicon wafer–based substrates. The TFTs can be used in large-area, low-cost electronics such as flat-panel displays and portable electronics such as video cameras, personal digital assistants, and cell phones.


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