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David Chambers has been elected a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) for his contributions to time-reversal processing methodology. The award will be presented during a recognition ceremony at the ASA meeting in May 2004.
Chambers was initially hired at the Laboratory as a physicist but later moved to the Electronics Engineering Department and worked on ocean acoustics and broadband acoustic beam design for ocean applications. That work led to research in acoustic tomography, imaging, and acoustic time reversal. He is now applying time-reversal imaging techniques to radar imaging in highly cluttered environments.

The Laboratory’s Transportation Systems Management Program (TSMP) received the 2003 Federal Energy and Water Management Award, which was awarded jointly by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Federal Interagency Energy Policy Committee, and the 2003 Departmental Energy Management Award, awarded by DOE.
Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham says the Laboratory’s “excellent performance in supporting the Energy Management Program is an example for others to emulate.” The Secretary cited the TSMP’s success in reducing fleet- and commuter-fuel operating costs by an estimated $1.4 million annually. The Livermore program is designed to develop effective methods to reduce traffic-related air-quality and congestion problems at the Livermore and Tracy sites and in the surrounding communities. An important part of TSMP’s activities is keeping Laboratory employees informed about convenient and cost-effective commuting alternatives, such as buses, carpools, and vanpools. Another related mission is educating employees and the public about the hazards of air pollution.

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