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April 2002

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Commentary by
William Goldstein

Quantum Simulations Tell
the Atomic-Level Story

Forensic Science Center Maximizes the Tiniest Clue

Bright Future for Compact Tactical Laser Weapons

Engineering's Tradition Turns Ideas into Reality





Abbie Warrick, an Engineering Directorate employee and member of the Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography program, has received an International SEMATECH Corporate Excellence Award.
The award is the highest presented by SEMATECH and recognizes exceptional performance, achievement, and innovation in contributing to the semiconductor industry. International SEMATECH is a consortium of semiconductor companies collaborating on research and development for semiconductor manufacturing technology.

Warrick received the award in December 2001 at SEMATECH’s facilities in Austin, Texas, where she is wrapping up a two-year assignment as part of the consortium’s Advanced Defect Detection project. The award recognizes work performed by Warrick and project teammates Amy Engbrecht and Rick Jarvis of Advanced Micro Devices in helping produce programmed defect reference wafers. These silicon wafers are like those used to print computer chips, except they contain intentional defects and are used to test the inspection tools that chip manufacturers use to spot defects during computer chip production.

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