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    Reducing the Threat of Biological Weapons
    At the Crossroads of Technology and Policy
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    Shaped Charges Pierce the Toughest Targets
    A New Approach for Magnetically Levitating Trains--and Rockets
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  • Reducing the Threat of Biological Weapons

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    Lawrence Livermore has taken a lead role in supporting DOE and DoD programs that are working to protect the nation in case of a biological attack. In just three years, Livermore expects to field continuously operating, fully automated biodetectors for rapid identification of biological agents and immediate reporting. In support of this identification process, Livermore's bioscientists are expanding the base of information about the DNA sequences of biological agents. Atmospheric models are being developed to study the fate and transport of biological agents in confined spaces and urban settings, and environmentally friendly decontamination methods are under development.

  • At the Crossroads of Technology and Policy

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    Livermore's Center for Global Security Research (CGSR) was established in 1996 to bring the technology and policy communities closer together. Its goal is to reduce threats to international security-especially those associated with weapons of mass destruction-by sponsoring workshops, research fellows, and independent analyses. The Center joins Livermore scientists and engineers with academics, policymakers, military leaders, industry executives, and other technical experts to address issues involving national security technology and policy. Past topics have included chemical and biological weapons terrorism, nuclear materials smuggling, enhancing relations with Russian nuclear scientists, the future of nuclear forces, and environmental security. In February, the Center co-sponsored a workshop in which representatives from business, government, and technology addressed ways to protect the nation's banking, communication, computer, and power networks from a host of potential adversaries. Keynote speaker Attorney General Janet Reno announced the establishment of a new FBI center to investigate and prevent attacks on the nation's critical infrastructure and called for an unprecedented partnership with institutions like Lawrence Livermore.

    Research Highlights

  • Shaped Charges Pierce the Toughest Targets
  • A New Approach for Magentically Levitating Trains--and Rockets
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