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  • MACHO: Collaboration is Key to Success

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    Using technology originally developed for the Strategic Defense Initiative and collaborators around the world, the Livermore MACHO (MAssive Compact Halo Objects) team now has evidence that MACHOs may make up over half the "dark matter" of the universe. MACHOs are not as readily visible as stars; but with a system of high-resolution, wide-angle cameras using CCD sensors and massively parallel computers, microlensing events can be observed from the Great Melbourne Telescope at Mt. Stromlo. Results also indicate that the Milky Way is not a simple, disc-like structure, but may be a "barred" spiral galaxy.

  • A New Look at an Old Idea: The Electromechanical Battery

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    A new breed of Livermore-developed, flywheel-based energy storage systems uses new materials, new technologies, and new thinking to develop a new electromechanical battery (EMB). Its efficiency is measured in terms of specific power of 5 to 10 kW/kg, energy recovery of 90 to 95%, specific energy of 100 Wh/kg, and a service lifetime estimated to be over ten years. The EMB's strength lies in its integrated system, which employs a high-speed rotor made of graphite fiber composite, magnetic bearings, and a magnet design that applies the Halbach magnet array. Livermore CRADAs with Trinity Flywheel Batteries, Westinghouse Electric, and General Motors are focusing on the end uses of the EMB in cars, load leveling for electric utilities, and bulk energy storage.

    Research Highlights

  • Graffiti Removal by Laser
  • Adding Agility to Manufacturing

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