S&TR | July/August 2022

The Laboratory in the News

A Powerful Innovation Ecosystem

Commentary by Elsie Quaite-Randall

A Tradition of Excellence in Technology Innovation

Lawrence Livermore earned three 2021 R&D 100 awards in the annual, global competition.

Real-Time Detection of Nuclear Threats

An advanced multiplicity counter provides critical real-time data to identify nuclear threats.

Optimizing Workflow with Flux

A scalable workflow manager maximizes utilization of computing resources for complex research.

Improving the Electrical Grid with the Speed of Light

A light-activated technology significantly improves electricity delivery for smart grid applications.

A Serious Game for Incident Response Training

A Livermore-developed interactive simulator provides real-time gamma and neutron data for cutting-edge nuclear emergency response training.

Charging Up and Rolling Out

Livermore’s Exascale Computing Facility Modernization project team delivered the infrastructure required to bring exascale computing online in 2023.

Taking Implantable Microsystems to the Next Level

Flexible probes utilize light and chemical sensors to study and treat conditions of the eyes, ears, and brain.