S&TR | December 2022

The Laboratory in the News

Science and Technology on a Mission for the Future

Commentary by Bradley K. Wallin

W87-1 The Modification that Invigorated an Enterprise

The first newly manufactured nuclear warhead in 30 years is transforming the Nuclear Security Enterprise through innovative technological solutions and dynamic partnerships.

Iron under Extremes

Recent experiments are answering questions about magnetospheres and long-term habitability on Earth and Earthlike planets.

Printed Microbes Enhance Biomaterials

A new 3D-printing technique enables manufacturing of complex, living structures that divulge microbial-growth patterns and advance bioinspired technologies.

Deterrence through Strategic Latency

A key component of deterrence, strategic latency anticipates how emergent technologies might impact national security and the warfighter 10 to 20 years into the future.