How to View Acrobat Documents

Documents in this series are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe has FREE Acrobat Reader software available that you can download for Macintosh, Windows, DOS, and Sun UNIX systems. You will need to integrate Acrobat Reader software as an external viewer or "Helper application" for your viewer.

Hints for browsing

Before you browse through the publication, here are a few words of explanation and advice.


The cover of the magazine, while pretty to look at, consumes a considerable amount of RAM and takes quite a while to build on your screen (approximately 30 seconds on a PowerMac 7100/66AV). If youčre using anything less than that, you might want to forgo that exercise.

Red type indicates a link

In the E&TR, any text that is red has been linked to another part of the publication. For example, the title of each article in the Table of Contents is linked to the first page of the article. Clicking on the word or sentence in red will take you to the page on which that item resides. The same is true for figure and table call-outs in text.


When they are available in electronic form, we are linking the references at the end of each article to the actual publication. Those references displayed in red are linked to the publication cited, and will open on your screen when you click on the citation.

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