April 1995

Creating Microsphere Targets for Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments

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The targets used in inertial confinement fusion (ICF) experiments at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are plastic capsules roughly half a millimeter in diameter. This article reviews the fabrication of these capsules, focusing on the production of the thin-walled polystyrene microshell around which the capsule is built. The relationship between the capsule characteristics, especially surface finish, and capsule performance is discussed, as are the methods of surface characterization and modification necessary for experiments designed to study the effects of surface roughness on implosion dynamics. Targets for the next generation of ICF facilities using more powerful laser drivers will have to be larger while meeting the same or even more stringent symmetry and surface finish requirements. Some of the technologies for meeting these needs are discussed briefly.

E&TR Celebrates 20 Years

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Energy and Technology Review celebrates its 20th Anniversary in this April 1995 issue of the publication. With quotes from influential contributors, the article highlights the publication's changes in focus, wide coverage of Laboratory science, experiences of scientific editors, and graphic design changes over the years. Also in the article are the whereabouts of past scientific editors and a statement by Laboratory Director C. Bruce Tarter.

Research Highlights

Laser Fabrication of Beryllium Components

The Kinetic Energy Interceptor: Shooting a Bullet with a Bullet

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