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June 2019

Ten Years of Pioneering Science with the World's
Largest Laser

Commentary by Jeff Wisoff

National Ignition Facility Celebrates 10 Years of Operation
Since 2009, the National Ignition Facility has been supporting
science-based stockpile stewardship and advancing a broad
range of applications.

Nerve-Agent Antidote Shows Great Potential
Livermore scientists have developed a promising drug that
permeates the notoriously protective blood–brain barrier.

Ambassador Lecture Series Strengthens Academic Ties
The Laboratory's Ambassador Lecture Series brings cutting-edge research to University of California campuses.

Testing Missile Technology on the High Seas
A Livermore-invented, autonomous raft-based system helps the Department of Defense test the readiness of its delivery vehicles
for the nuclear stockpile.

The Laboratory in the News
+ Implants Record Widespread Brain Activity
+ Researchers Predict Reaction Data for Fusion Research
+ Bioprinted Cells Enhance Catalytic Efficiency





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