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Toward a New Era of Global Security
Commentary by Penrose (Parney) C. Albright

Science in Support of International Weapon Treaties
Lawrence Livermore’s long-standing technical support for treaties that ban or limit weapons of mass destruction has been an important—if relatively unknown—contribution toward global security

Crossing Computational Frontiers
Access to extremely powerful supercomputers allows researchers to solve problems at levels of complexity and with higher fidelity than was previously possible.

Quickly Identifying Viable Pathogens from the Environment
A Laboratory-developed technique reduces the time needed to identify live biological agents released in a contamination incident.

A Discriminating Device to Detect Antineutrinos
An aboveground antineutrino detector that eliminates background radiation improves monitoring for nuclear reactors and enhances nonproliferation efforts.




September 2010

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Science & Technology Review is published eight times a year to communicate, to a broad audience, the Laboratory’s scientific and technological accomplishments in support of national security and other enduring national needs. The publication’s goal is to help readers understand these accomplishments and appreciate their
value to the individual citizen, the nation, and the world.

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September 9, 2010

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