The Laboratory in the News

Innovation Rooted in Exploratory Research
Commentary by William W. Craig

A Major Step for Fusion Energy
A “snowflake” cools inside a hot fusion reactor.

High-Performance Metal Coatings Produce Exceptional Bond Strength
This high-speed pulsed laser system can deposit corrosion-resistant alloys for aerospace, marine, and energy applications.

Improving Laser Beam Performance and Operational Reliability
A shadow-blocking device obscures optical imperfections to maximize laser beam energy and preserve optic reliability.

A Solid Solution for Neutron and Gamma-Ray Differentiation
An enhanced plastic scintillator material unambiguously distinguishes neutrons from gamma rays for nonproliferation and homeland security.

Making Boring Cutting Edge
A novel protective coating extends the life of disc cutters for tunnel-boring machines and other steel components that experience repetitive, high-impact forces.

Ten Times More Data for Shock-Physics Experiments
Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos scientists are collecting 10 times more data from shock-physics tests, thanks to the multiplexed photonic Doppler velocimeter.

Simulation and Precision Engineering Lead to Extraordinary Results in Experiment
A new diagnostic called the all-optical probe dome measured material implosions at unprecedented velocities in a subscale integrated weapons experiment.

Breaking Down Nerve Agent Behavior
Computational chemistry offers an accurate and efficient method for exploring the complex behavior of chemical warfare agents.



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