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Commentary by Thomas F. Gioconda

A Scintillating Radiation Detection Material
A new scintillator material beats the competition as the superior gamma-ray detector.

Software Solution for Radioactive Contraband Detection
An innovative software solution rapidly and reliably detects radionuclides when measurement time is short and demand for confidence is high.

Measuring Extremely Bright Pulses of Light
A new detector can nonintrusively measure a free-electron laser’s x-ray energy in real time, pulse by pulse, and with minimal effect on the beam.

High-Speed Imager for Fast, Transient Events at NIF
A novel instrument can record the fleeting events during the creation of fusion ignition at the National Ignition Facility.

Taking the Salt Out of the Sea
Carbon nanotube membranes improve water desalination and reclamation processes for increasing Earth’s clean water supply.

A Look inside the Living Eye
Optical coherence tomography gets a boost from adaptive optics and microelectromechanical systems to produce unprecedented images of the retina.

Collaboration Expands the Periodic Table, One Element at a Time
A 21-year partnership with a Russian institute has added the six heaviest elements to the periodic table.

Students and Researchers Partner for Summer Projects
Competitive summer internships pair Livermore researchers with students for hands-on career experience.




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October 18, 2010

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