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Commentary by Steven D. Liedle

Light-Speed Spectral Analysis of a Laser Pulse
An optical device inspects and stops potentially damaging laser pulses.

Capturing Waveforms in a Quadrillionth of a Second
The FemtoScope, a time microscope, improves the temporal resolution and dynamic range of conventional recording instruments.

Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy in the Palm of Your Hand
A miniature gamma-ray spectrometer provides increased resolution at a reduced cost.

Building Fusion Targets with Precision Robotics
A robotic system assembles tiny fusion targets with nanometer precision.

ROSE: Making Compiler Technology More Accessible
An open-source software infrastructure makes powerful compiler techniques available to all programmers.

Restoring Sight to the Blind with an Artificial Retina
A retinal prosthesis could restore vision to people suffering from eye diseases

Eradicating the Aftermath of War
A remotely operated system precisely locates buried land mines.

Compact Alignment for Diagnostic Laser Beams
A smaller, less expensive device aligns diagnostic laser beams onto targets.

Securing Radiological Sources in Africa
Livermore and other national laboratories are helping African countries secure their nuclear materials.



October/November 2009

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October 2, 2009

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