The Laboratory in the News

Honoring a Legacy of Service to the Nation
The nation pays tribute to George Miller, who retired in December 2011 as the Laboratory’s tenth director.

Life-Extension Programs Encompass All Our Expertise
Commentary by Bruce T. Goodwin

Extending the Life of an Aging Weapon
Stockpile stewards have begun work on a multiyear effort to extend the service life of the aging W78 warhead by 30 years.

Materials by Design
Material microstructures go three-dimensional with improved additive manufacturing techniques developed at Livermore.

Friendly Microbes Power Energy-Producing Devices
Livermore researchers are demonstrating how electrogenic bacteria and microbial fuel cell technologies can produce clean, renewable energy and purify water.

Chemical Sensor Is All Wires, No Batteries
Livermore’s “batteryless” nanowire sensor could benefit applications in diverse fields such as homeland security and medicine.



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