The Laboratory in the News

A New Era in Climate System Analysis
Commentary by William H. Goldstein

Seeking Clues to Climate Change
By comparing past climate records with results from computer simulations, Livermore scientists can better understand why Earth’s climate has changed and how it might change in the future.

Finding and Fixing a Supercomputer’s Faults
Livermore experts have developed innovative methods to detect hardware faults in supercomputers and help applications recover from errors that do occur.

Targeting Ignition
Enhancements to the cryogenic targets for National Ignition Facility experiments are furthering work to achieve fusion ignition with energy gain.

Neural Implants Come of Age
A new generation of fully implantable, biocompatible neural prosthetics offers hope to patients with neurological impairment.

Incubator Busy Growing Energy Technologies
Six collaborations with industrial partners are using the Laboratory’s high-performance computing resources to find solutions to urgent energy-related problems.



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