The Laboratory in the News

Dawn of a New Era of Scientific Discovery
Commentary by Edward I. Moses

At the Frontiers of Fundamental Science Research
Collaborators from national laboratories, universities, and international organizations are using the National Ignition Facility to probe key fundamental science questions.

Livermore Responds to Crisis in
Post-Earthquake Japan

More than 70 Laboratory scientists provided round-the-clock expertise in radionuclide analysis and atmospheric dispersion modeling as part of the nation’s support to Japan following the March 2011 earthquake and nuclear accident.

A Comprehensive Resource for Modeling, Simulation, and Experiments
A new Web-based resource called MIDAS is a central repository for material properties, experimental data, and computer models.

Finding Data Needles in Gigabit Haystacks
Livermore computer scientists have developed a novel computer architecture based on “persistent” memory to ease data-intensive computations.


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