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Dealing with the Nonlinear Battlefield
Commentary by Penrose (Parney) C. Albright

From Video to Knowledge
A Livermore computational system is designed to help U.S. agencies monitor tens of square kilometers of terrain, with sufficiently high resolution for tracking people and vehicles for many hours at a time.

Kinetic Models Predict Biofuel Efficiency
An innovative predictive computational tool explains the basic chemistry controlling biofuel processes.

Going Deep with MEGa-Rays
Livermore is creating the brightest gamma-ray light source ever, one that will be able to study the nuclei of individual isotopes.

Energy on Demand
Together with industrial partners, Livermore scientists are building electromechanical batteries that can store and dispatch energy for integration into the electric grid.




April/May 2011

April/May 2011 cover
Science & Technology Review is published eight times a year to communicate, to a broad audience, the Laboratory’s scientific and technological accomplishments in support of national security and other enduring national needs. The publication’s goal is to help readers understand these accomplishments and appreciate their
value to the individual citizen, the nation, and the world.

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April 7, 2011

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