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Leveraging the National Ignition Facility to Meet the Climate–Energy Challenge
Commentary by George H. Miller

The Journey into a New Era of Scientific Discoveries
The world’s largest laser is dedicated on May 29, 2009.

Safe and Sustainable Energy with LIFE
A revolutionary technology to generate electricity, modeled after the National Ignition Facility, could either be a pure fusion energy source or combine the best of fusion and fission energy.

Simulated Rehearsal for Battle
Livermore’s Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation is the most widely used tactical model in the world.

Improving Catalysis with a “Noble” Material
By infusing carbon aerogels with platinum, researchers have produced a more affordable and efficient catalytic material.

A Time Machine for Fast Neutrons
A new, robust time-projection chamber that provides directional detection of fast neutrons could greatly improve search methods for nuclear materials.




April/May 2009

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Science & Technology Review is published eight times a year to communicate, to a broad audience, the Laboratory’s scientific and technological accomplishments in support of national security and other enduring national needs. The publication’s goal is to help readers understand these accomplishments and appreciate their
value to the individual citizen, the nation, and the world.

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May 15, 2009

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